Here are five of the Only In Florida stories from last week:

GATOR REPORT: While it’s not uncommon to see an alligator in Florida, it’s certainly a bit of a surprise to see a nearly 9-foot-long gator casually crawling down the road at 6:30 a.m. That’s the sight that greeted Sarasota Police Sgt Matt Tuggle and Deputy Colling McCormick on Friday, March 2, as they were driving down Jacaranda Boulevard. In Cocoa, another gator was found by police at an apartment door on Monday. The officers contacted a gator trapper who removed the 9-foot gator. (See tweet below) Gator’s Early-Morning Stroll Catches Sarasota Police Off Guard

BRINGING HOME THE BACON: The Pasco County Sheriff’s Office arrested the owner of a Hudson cafe for stealing $860 worth of bacon from the New Port Richey Sam’s Club, 4330 U.S. 19. According to the sheriff’s office, between Nov. 16 and Jan. 13, Theodore Rellias, 62, owner of the Oaks Café in Hudson, 8818 State Road 52, reportedly stole bacon from Sam’s Club 12 times by concealing the packages under his shopping cart when he went through the checkout lane. Hudson Cafe Owner Arrested For Bringing Home The Bacon

SHARK MIGRATION: The annual migration of blacktip sharks has begun along the South Florida coast, but in lesser numbers than in past year. The sharks, known as the “snowbirds of the seas,” travel as far south as northern Miami-Dade County, 10 News reports. More than 15,000 sharks have been spotted off South Florida shores in past years. Read the 10 News report here.

NO LAUGHING MATTER: Two men were arrested for selling nitrous oxide or laughing gas under Interstate 4 in Orlando, police said. The men were identified as Ramon Claudio and Bryant Jiminian and they face charges of illegal distribution of nitrous oxide. Police were patrolling an area near the interstate last Tuesday night when they found the men selling balloons filled with laughing gas, News 6 reported. Both men had earpieces and walkie-talkies to help them avoid capture. The men also were carrying business cards that said “tye dye whipits,” which is a term for sucking in nitrous oxide, according to police. Read the News 6 story here.


FAILURE TO ELUDE: Pasco County deputies have a 45-year-old New Port Richey man in custody after they say he tried to elude them in a pickup truck hauling a boat trailer. On Wednesday, Feb. 28, deputies were called to State Road 52 and Hays Road after a caller complained there was an obstruction in the road. Pasco Deputies Chase Down Pickup Truck Hauling Trailer With Boat

And we would be remiss if we did not note that the state of Florida turned 173 this weekend.

Annual migration of Blacktip sharks to South Florida has begun, with thousands of sharks currently off our shores… but less than normal and that’s not good— WPLG Local 10 News (@WPLGLocal10) March 1, 2018

And lastly we salute the man who took his catfish for a walk at a Sarasota dog park.

Image via Sarasota Police

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